What is Seesaw? And how are teachers using it? Learn more about this popular platform 

While Google Classroom and its accompanying suite of international journal tools is immensely popular in education — especially at the secondary level — Seesaw is a fast-growing and user-friendly digital platform for teachers to assign work, engage with students, and provide feedback, among other classroom activities. It’s also a standout choice for incorporating teacher, parent, and student feedback — something not as easily achieved on Google Classroom.

Read on to find answers to teachers’ most commonly asked questions about the platform, in addition to information on how you can use Seesaw with your students. Also, be sure to check out our tips video for parents, as well as our detailed review of Seesaw’s potential for learning.

What is Seesaw?
Who can use Seesaw?
How do teachers use Seesaw?
How do I set up my class in Seesaw?
What can students do in Seesaw?
How can families use Seesaw?
Does Seesaw have a built-in gradebook?
How can teachers use Google Docs with Seesaw?
Do teachers use Seesaw to teach live, like with Zoom or Google Meet?
What about privacy and safety? Is Seesaw vulnerable to hackers?
Where can I find more ideas for using Seesaw?
What is Seesaw?
Seesaw is a digital platform where teachers of all grade levels and content areas can create learning tasks and assignments for students. The assignments can incorporate videos, photos, text, images, files, or drawings. In addition, teachers can also use Seesaw to create a class blog, communicate with students and families, create and curate activities from a robust and ever-growing library, and assess student work via digital portfolios. The tool offers a free version for teachers with access to its basic features. A paid upgrade to Seesaw Plus gives teachers access to more privacy options and other features. Seesaw for Schools is for school- or district-wide adoption and is priced per student.

Setting up a class on Seesaw is straightforward, and Seesaw’s online interface leads users through its various processes. While Seesaw doesn’t include a live video-streaming feature, many teachers have used it for remote learning (alongside a tool like Zoom) due to its versatility for asynchronous learning. The Seesaw Parent & Family app, available online and via Android or iOS, allows for parents and caregivers to stay abreast of their kids’ learning and to keep lines of contact open between school and home. A translation tool is also available for families (not for students) for notes, captions, and comments on student work as well as messages to or from the teacher.

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