Creative and Smart Designs Create a Perfect Work

The commercial office is a space where the employees and the employers spend most of their waking hours. The office space must be functional and create an ambience for work desain rumah and recreational activities so people can spend their office time comfortably and energetically. In modern office interiors, workspace design focuses on building a homogenous office environment for collaborative co-working. It’s more about being a people-friendly, playful, fun-working atmosphere, visually interconnected with the transparency of the space.

When Noida-based FYD INTERIORS PVT. LTD. took on to design a Kanpur-based office space, the aim was to create a perfect balance between work and play. Through the office design, the client wished to advertise the company’s value and dedication to human resources and retain its employees by creating a workspace design with recreational space to eliminate stress and anxiety.

Designing an office that, apart from being a professional workplace, is also a stressbuster was challenging. However, the designers have created a perfect office décor meeting all the briefs by the client.

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